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That love playing Classic to Contemporary Rock Music

Tom Browning: Vocalist

"As a small child growing up on Long Island, New York, the music coming from the radio and my parent’s record player captivated me. My parents bought me the "Let It Be" Album by the Beatles and I was hooked;"

Douglas Pope: Guitarist

"My passion to play guitar started my freshman year in High School. I bought a Gibson SG from Bigelow Music in Bowling Green, Ohio. I learned 3 open chords and started a band with Brad called "The Misfits."  At our first gig, we played five, 3 chord songs, over and over. My how things have changed."

David Lemley: 

Bass Guitar RETIRED - LIVES IN FLORIDA "I first met Doug over ten years ago while singing in a local community chorus.  We have worked together making music since. Recently I retired and moved to Florida. I am not playing with the band on a full-time basis, but I will not miss Band Camp in  October."

Mr B. Mansfield: Sound

NO KEYS at THIS Time "In 1995, I ran into Sky Ferguson and Richard Moore at a Wednesday Night Blues Jam. Sky Ferguson was Buddy Guy’s second guitarist for years and Richard Moore, was the lead Guitarist for the Troggs. Yes the Troggs of Wild Thing fame. I played for almost 10 years with these two."

A Band of Friends _DUO

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