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Hi, I’m Tom Browning. As a small child growing up on Long Island, New York, the music coming from the radio and my parent’s record player captivated me. My parents bought me Let It Be by the Beatles and I was hooked; as I got older, I never stopped listening to the Beatles albums…

My older cousins turned me on to the Rolling Stones and other classic rock of the day. Having a knack for melody and harmony; singing came natural to me and I would sing along to the radio and whatever my parents had in our car’s 8-track tape player.

As I got older, especially in college, I would jam with friends and anyone I knew who played music. At this time, I also started going to open mic’s and I was hooked; I knew that music and singing would be a part of my life. At a dive bar that had karaoke, I met the wonderful woman who would eventually become my wife.


Lisa told me I had talent, and should attend a music class she was taking in New York City. While  I was there, I learned basic music theory along with vocal training and sight singing. I also began a relationship with Lisa, my late wife, who encouraged me to start auditioning for bands. For several years, I sang in a classic R&B cover band, and eventually married and moved to Georgia.

 I took an extended break from music, while I returned to college and became a teacher. However, I never stopped loving music and would jam with fellow teachers who were musicians.


This reignited my passion for music, and while singing karaoke at a local bar, I made friends with David Lemley, our bass player, who introduced me to Doug Pope, and in 2015, we formed a band called Browning’s Automatics, named after me; playing acoustic covers of classic rock, country, and pop songs.


We played an extended gig at Los Maguey’s, a local restaurant, as well as other restaurants in the Acworth, Dallas, ad Kennesaw area. In addition, we’ve performed at the Adairsville Locomotive festival, the Euharlee Covered Bridge Festival and Marietta Art Walk. The best part of this, is I get to make music with my good friends.


When not performing with Tom Browning and Friends, I still try to go to as many open mic’s and songwriter showcases as I can; opening myself to new material and different genres of music. Singing and performing music will always be an important part of my life.

Tom Browning - Lead Vocals

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