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Dave Lemley - Bass Guitar


I grew up in Akron Ohio in house that had a variety of tastes in music. My father having been born in Akron liked naturally liked all the big band songs and crooners that were popular at the time. He had an uncle who played the trombone in bands around town and I can’t help but think that made some impression on the kings of music he listened to as well.

My mother was born in the countryside near Belgrade Yugoslavia and moved to Akron not long after WW2. With her came exposure to all kinds of non-American music. Between my two parents, my sister and I grew up listening to Perry Como, Bing Crosby, the many popular folk groups of the day and music from my mother’s homeland.

Polka music was very popular around the Akron/ Cleveland area at that time, so it is probably only natural that the accordion was the first instrument I ever learned. I never became very good at it, but it must of made a long-term impact on me as I’ve strived to learn more instruments over the years including the guitar, twice, (many, many years apart), keyboard and the Ukulele.

I first met Doug about ten years ago while singing in a local community chorus. We had a lot of fun and really enjoyed and learned a lot from the experience. Eventually the chorus dissolved and most everyone went their separate ways, but not Doug and I.


We have worked together making music for the past 10 years. When Tom Browning joined us, we formed Browning's Automatics, with his strong voice and great singing abilities, we knew it would be possible to take our efforts to higher levels.
We really appreciate him being a part of the group.


We can also say the same about Bradley. He’s been another great addition and we expect even more great things to happen.

I play the bass in the band and really enjoy it. I like the way it fills in the sound and moves the music along. I sing backup vocals in the band and since I have a low voice, I get to sing the lower harmony parts which I really enjoy. 


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